creative studio of designer maura day

Designing to give life's

big occasions big personality.



We are a Nashville based firm bringing personality to life through design.


We believe hearing "that is so you" is the best feeling and want our clients to know it well.

No matter the project we aim to deliver work that thoughtfully and beautifully expresses you and your aesthetic.


Spring 2019 Wedding Stationery



Some deep and not so deeps thoughts...none the less we hope you share at least a few.


We believe your personality is the muse.

WE BELIEVE paper has feelings too.

WE BELIEVE follow the leader is lame.

WE BELIEVE in following your vision.

WE BELIEVE in having truffle fries for dessert.

WE BELIEVE in those who curate their everyday.

WE BELIEVE Iris Apfel is the original Sasha Fierce.

WE BELIEVE design is an experience.

WE BELIEVE pleasing everyone is never a good idea.

WE BELIEVE a drink umbrella is just what your cabernet needed.

WE BELIEVE working together is better than working alone.

WE BELIEVE in going with your gut.


WE BELIEVE in putting your mark on things. It’s not yours until you do. 


a bit of what we've been up to.